Our Practice

We work closely with our clients to help them identify both their personal and financial goals, and to implement and monitor the strategies that we have developed for them. In our view, proactive advice is the key to fulfilling our commitment to our clients.

The success of Geddes Wealth Advisory Group is deeply anchored in applying a team approach which relies on our commitment to working with our clients as unique partners, requiring individually tailored solutions, and structured strategies which empower them to make informed decisions.

Our Process

With over 30 years experience in advising clients, Andy and his team have found that focusing more on the process and to a lesser degree on the individual investment, is crucial to successful portfolio management. In simple terms, "It’s not what you do, but how you do it”

The systematic management of risk, liquidity, and tax efficiency is paramount to the success of any long-term investment plan. By employing strategies that hedge existing investments, we reduce portfolio volatility, while generating additional income for our clients. The proper strategic combination of investments allows us to create synthetic or hybrid investments that address specific portfolio objectives.

The Relationship

Our practice uses both an Investment Policy Statement and a Service Policy Statement to ensure that both the client and advisor expectations are aligned. Transparent account reporting, when reviewed regularly, is invaluable in monitoring the successful execution of a client’s plan.

We are committed to advising our clients in an honest and professional manner which exceeds their expectations and industry standards. We believe strongly in the importance of family values, the enjoyment of life and the value of friendship. Our practice is structured around these values and we endeavor to emphasize the utmost integrity and courtesy when working with clients.