Portfolio Management Overview

Protecting Your Lifestyle

Our approach to portfolio management is centered on the depth of our research, and our ability to determine proper strategies for each client portfolio. Our clients entrust us to make the best possible investment decisions on their behalf, and to fulfill the client’s growth objectives in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our approach to investment management is primarily focused on the protection of capital, combining investment decisions with proper hedging strategies to mitigate risk and provide a solid platform for an investment to grow over time. Our management Philosophy employs a top-down approach which analyzes macroeconomic conditions and uncovers sectors that are poised to outperform.

Buy Disciplines:
• Strong consistent free cash flow
• Higher guidance – Analyst upgrades
• Supportive technical view
• Positive catalysts

Sell Disciplines:
• Lower guidance – Analyst downgrades
• Technical breakdown
• Negative catalysts – opportunity cost
• Overweight rebalancing