Financial Planning

Planning for the future

A detailed financial plan is imperative to any successful investment strategy as it serves as the foundation to set and monitor your life goals and objectives. Understanding your capabilities as well as constraints allows us to gauge the time horizon and proper asset base within your portfolio and can allow us to prepare for any substantial changes that can affect you and your family.

We are very strong advocates of creating detailed financial plans for our clients because it allows for our clients to understand where they have been, where they are, and where they are headed. This is particularly important as it provides perspective to our clients and allows them to make changes in the present that will greatly affect their future success. We continually monitor and update client plans to create new strategies and uncover new opportunities.

Financial Planning allows us to answer questions such as:

• Will I be able to afford the retirement I envision for myself?

• Will I be able to fund my children’s post-secondary education?

• How much should I allocate to an emergency fund should I become unable to work?

• What savings strategies do I need to employ to make a major purchase for my family?

• How can I ensure I am able to leave something for my children when I am gone?

• Will I out live my money?