US Residence

Canadian Snowbirds & US Income Tax
If you are a Snowbird, you should be aware of the potential liability to pay U.S. Income Tax on the same basis as a permanent resident of the U.S. Take the Closer Connection test here to determine if you need to file for an exemption.

Tax & Estate Consequences of Investing in US
If you own U.S. securities such as stocks issued by a U.S. corporation or real property located in the U.S., you may also have to pay U.S. income and estate tax. There are ways to take advantage of reduced U.S. withholding taxes on certain securities, and general planning techniques to minimize your U.S. estate tax.

US Estate Tax for Canadians
This article explains the potential cost of US Estate Tax for the estate of a Canadian and suggests a number of planning opportunities that may be available.

US Tax - Can You Afford to Play the Waiting Game?
If your World Wide Property currently exceeds $2,000,000US, you may want to consider whether you have a potential US estate tax liability after the available credits.