How Investment Income is Taxed
When it comes to investment income, all is not equal after tax. Knowing how tax rules affect your investments is essential in order to maximize your after tax return. This article discusses the taxation of investment income as it pertains to an individual resident of Canada.

Strategies to Minimize Capital Gains Taxes
This article examines various strategies to reduce the impact of a potential tax hit on realized capital gains as well as other related considerations of the voluntary or involuntary sale of a security that may represent a significant part of an investor's portfolio.

Pension Income Splitting
Pension income-splitting took effect in the 2007 taxation year. Being able to split pension income provides an opportunity for couples to reduce their overall family tax bill by taking advantage of a spouse's or common law partner's lower marginal tax rate where retirement incomes of spouses are disproportionate.

Understanding Capital Losses
This article will discuss capital losses, superficial losses and summarize amendments to CRA's Interpretation Bulletin IT-387R2 that deals with identical properties.