Our Clients

We treat our clients with the utmost respect and confidence.  Our clients’ backgrounds are diverse.  They most often have been referred to us by their friends, families or trusted advisors. 

Our clients have accumulated wealth via saving consistently and diligently (the old fashioned way), inheriting money from a loved one or sale of a property (very common these days), or have sold businesse(s) and are ready to redeploy their wealth in pursuit of their financial goals whether it be growth, income, preservation, tax efficiency or a combination. 

Many of our clients are professionals or executives that have accumulated wealth while specializing in their field.  Others are entrepreneurs, they are engaged in their own ventures and need someone to quarterback their investments.  While others have already done all of that and are now busy being retired.
While client backgrounds are diverse they all have a need to have their wealth looked after in a cost effective and tax efficient manner.  They value advice and service and want to fill their time with life’s important endeavours.  In many cases, our clients simply prefer to work with a professional that understands them and increase the probability of achieving their vision of financial success.