It’s crucial that you understand how you can best achieve your goals that require money, planning and time to achieve.

Deeply exploring your past, understanding your current situation and learning what you want your future to look like provides much needed clarity for you and us. Employing our proven model helps us apply our tools to help you achieve your plans.

Our Multi-Step Wealth Management Process:

First Step:

We will meet with you to understand and gather the needed information to start building your financial plan. It’s during this meeting that you are first introduced to our entire team.

Second Step:

We deeply analyze the information and using sophisticated and up-to-date software we create the following documents:

  • Your Funded Ratio

  • Your Engagement Roadmap

  • Multiple Scenarios Results Page

  • Recommendations addressing investment needs, estate issues, tax efficiency and risk management

Third Step:

We will meet again with you to present the above documents. During this meeting clients gain (usually for the first time) a deep sense of relief, as you will now know how you can achieve your financial goals.

Fourth Step:

We will meet with you regularly to focus on one important area from your Financial Plan’s Key Recommendations.

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