We Build Personalized & Comprehensive Financial Plans

This includes:

  • A personal written financial plan - clearly showing you your funded ratio

  • A Client Engagement Roadmap

  • Multiple Scenarios Results Page

  • Recommendations addressing investment needs, estate issues, tax efficiency and risk management

Portfolio Management:

  • We provide a discretionary portfolio management approach so clients can focus on other important areas in their life

  • We also provide fee-based portfolio management where clients are involved in regular decision making

Retirement Preparation Planning:

  • We will work with you to create a retirement budget

  • We will help you to make the most of your retirement

  • We will help you sell your business or help you understand your options when leaving your company

Will & Estate Planning:

  • We will help you create your estate plans by working through a comprehensive Estate Planning process

  • We will work with your lawyers (or introduce you to lawyers) who will create a structure for your wishes to be realized

  • We will help you determine the best executor to administer your estate

  • We will regularly review your estate plans to ensure your wishes will be met

Insurance Planning:

  • We will work closely with you and our team of insurance specialists to determine your insurance needs

  • We will then review your existing insurance

  • We then provide prudent recommendations that will ensure you are properly insured

  • We will regularly review your insurance to determine if it still fits your need

We Will Meet with You Regularly to Review:

  • Your Personal Financial Vision

  • Your Engagement Roadmap

  • Key Recommendations from Your Financial Plan

  • Your allocation of Cash, Fixed Income and Equities to ensure they are meeting your needs and goals

Detailed Reporting via Quarterly Statements:

  • Simple and concise reports

  • Asset Allocation

  • Performance

  • Listing of Securities


  • Determine how to donate now and through your estate

  • Charitable giving - in-kind

  • Set-up a charitable trust - for continued giving

Coordinate services with your other professionals:

  • We will help you be prepared to meet with your accountant, lawyer, banker, general insurance broker and your other financial professionals

  • We are also happy to introduce you to our most trusted circle of professionals that many of our clients already use.

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