Here's what clients are saying about Ridd & Associates:

"I'm reaching out to say Thank You for all your hard work & perseverance last year under such unprecedented times, and for the personal one-one time you've invested with me and the valuable/insightful guidance provided. I'd like to acknowledge you for all your steady hands on the wheel, principled on an informed-discipline approach that has navigated the portfolio during these times." - D.C. January 2021

“You bring value to us by taking care of all the details so that we don’t have to. We appreciate how you explain the details to us so that we understand what is going on, you keep us on track towards our goals, and you provide us with regular updates. In the many years that we have worked with you, we have built confidence in your ability to make intelligent decisions to guard against risk and then once again to apply your expertise to make adjustments that get us back in to positions with opportunity. Beyond preserving and growing our investments, your value expands much further. You’ve always kept our goals at the heart of your decisions, you have helped us understand how to reach our goals, and have coordinated with our other professionals.” ~ N.S. & A.S. November 2020

"GH and I do appreciate what you are doing to protect our investments and retirement. We totally trust your investment strategy and are pleased with what we see. Thank you for taking the time to...help make some important decisions GH and I feel we must make."
- S.H. & G.H., March 2020

"Excellent newsletter. It provides a clear picture of the strategy (with which I total agree) to protect portfolios from rapid erosion in these unusual times.”
-R.G., April 2020
"Your strategy and efforts are paying off. You're worth every penny. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!"
-G.B. & M.B., April 2020

“Thank you for your excellent weekly commentaries and more so in these trying times. This latest report was informative, calming and re-assuring as much as it is possible.”
- F.S. & S.S., March 2020

“Your overall strategy is comforting in these very hard circumstances."
- J.F., April 2020

"I love your reports. It takes a lot of guts, experience and success to issue weekly reports!!"
- E.S. July 2020

"Every contact your team has with me includes a personal touch, making the interactions feel like more than just a business transaction. I only ever see this level of communication in premium organizations, which in this case, is a deserved compliment."
- M.M. July 2020

“John and team have a sound understanding of who we are and they understand how important our financial goals are to our future well-being. Despite knowing we are likely not their biggest client, we’re always made to feel that way in the service provided. Much appreciated
- Frank & Nancy, August 2020

“The team emphasizes a sense of security and safety, created by the trust I have in their proven abilities over the lifespan of our relationship. I feel safe knowing this particular group is looking after my wealth; they take care of all the details and keep my investments safe.”
- J.A., November 2020

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.