Our approach is different. Because our clients are different.

What is most important to you? We will tailor a solution specifically for you, to maximize opportunities and mitigate potential challenges down the road. We apply disciplined, holistic, transparent and independent guidance, maintaining open and regular collaborative lines of communication, listening to you, and keeping you informed.

We are here to understand your life priorities and deliver on our commitment to:


1  Assess your financial goals and level of risk tolerance

2 Develop a strategic and effective in-depth plan based on your current financial picture

3 Put your customized investment plan into action

4  Monitoring its progress over both the short and long term, with a responsibility to keep you informed 

5  Meet at your desired frequency to review your portfolio, re-evaluate and re-balance where necessary


Our Approach

Managing your wealth is not simply a financial exercise. It requires an appreciation of your needs and an in-depth understanding of your goals, values and how they affect you. We understand that the most effective wealth management plan starts with a discussion about you. Knowing where you are today, where you want to go and how you are going to get there.
An organized financial planning process is a powerful way to ensure that your wealth management goals are identified and achieved. We believe that an essential role as your Wealth Managers is to act as a quarterback for your financial future.

Acting as your single point of contact, we will coordinate the team of professionals supporting you, including your current professionals and any additional experts that are needed.

Our team can draw upon the full depth of the BMO Financial Group of Companies to provide you with an integrated and multi-disciplinary wealth management solution. Access to a wide range of services and specialists at no additional cost to you. Our team of experts are highly skilled and dedicated to bringing you a customized strategy tailored specifically to your wealth management needs.

Investment Philosophy

Helping you grow and preserve your wealth is our top priority. We manage your investments in a manner that reflects your goals and needs, while applying a prudent and disciplined approach that emphasizes risk management.

In addition to understanding your long-term objectives and appetite for risk, we also consider your need for cash flow, stability of returns, and the tax efficiency of your overall investment strategy. Our active investment process ensures that we are constantly monitoring your investments to identify opportunities and to protect your savings so that you can have peace of mind.