Collaborative Approach

We work with our clients, and their other professionals, to tailor a detailed, custom and comprehensive wealth plan.


Living and Dynamic Document

A detailed summary of our analysis, updated as our client’s lives change.


Answering The Big Questions

Based on what you have, can you maintain your lifestyle and support your goals long-term?


Optimizing Wealth


  • Enhanced Current Snapshot: identifying any risks and/or opportunities in our client’s current wealth management, based on current circumstances.
  • Proactive Anticipation of Needs: our wealth plans never sit on a shelf collecting dust, we have a system to ensure ongoing engagement. We provide guidance when approaching key milestones, and proactively anticipate upcoming needs. ​


Business Analysis

Consultation to strengthen protection and enhance wealth management. Looking at tax optimization, structure, shareholder agreements, insurance, valuation, family enterprise support, and succession planning.

Estate Planning & third party analysis

Identifying our clients’ goals, analysis of strategies, and ensuring wishes are accurately documented. Providing third party analysis to verify quality.


Philanthropic Support

Protecting our client’s charitable intentions now and in the future, while also ensuring that they do so in a smart way.


Concise Recommendations

Personalized recommendations on all aspect of our client’s wealth, with clearly defined next steps, and guided by what is important to them.


Progress Tracker

A document that visually shows progress alongside our clients’ wealth plans. Providing peace of mind, and a leading indicator for adjustments that may be required.


Team of Experts

We have a team of specialist both within BMO and external, which we consciously selected for being the best in their field. Surrounding ourselves with a team of highly skilled experts allows us to take each area of our client’s wealth planning to the next level of detail.