Wealth Planning made easier for you.

Collaborative Approach
We work with our clients, and their other professionals, to deliver a holistic, customized and comprehensive wealth plan.

Living and Dynamic Document
We provide a detailed summary of our analysis and commit to updating the wealth plan as our clients’ lives change.

Answering The Big Questions
We recognize that our clients have distinct and unique needs. We aim to address your wealth goals and objectives holistically, whether the focus is on retirement & cash flows, taxation, estate planning, business advisory, insurance, philanthropy and/or other areas where applicable.

Optimizing Wealth
We approach planning in two steps:

  • Enhanced Current Snapshot: identifying any risks and/or opportunities in our client’s current wealth management based on relevant circumstances.
  • Proactive Anticipation of Needs: we have a Progress Tracker to ensure ongoing engagement on the wealth planning process by providing guidance when approaching key milestones or changes, and proactively anticipate upcoming needs.



Our clients have complicated needs, and as a premier Wealth Advisory group, we are able to address complexities with specialists both within BMO and external. Our resources allow us to provide the aforementioned holistic planning service in greater detail.

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