July Newsletter

Megan Lisowski - Jul 07, 2023

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Market and Portfolio Update

Welcome to summer. We hope you are getting to enjoy it!
It is indeed always a wonder how we are halfway through the year already and yet after a year like the last, markets and the economy remain uncertain.
In this months’ e:Newsletter we are going to do our best to put in lay terms, either side of what we are seeing in both the fundamentals and news of the economy and markets as well as what is being confirmed by the technical “Price action” charts that we are watching very closely.



Monthly Features

Intergenerational Transfers of Family Businesses – Proposed Tax Changes

The Canadian tax legislation contains a number of anti-avoidance tax measures such as those which seek to prevent corporate ”surplus stripping,” that can create a higher tax cost on the transfer of a business to a family member versus a sale to a third-party purchaser. This article focuses on important recent developments addressing this inconsistency in the tax legislation, as it relates to an anti-avoidance rule applicable to certain intergenerational transfers of shares. It also outlines the government’s latest response to ensure proper facilitation of genuine intergenerational share transfers, while preventing tax avoidance that could compromise the integrity of Canada’s tax system.
See the article, Intergenerational Transfers of Family Businesses – Proposed Tax Changes to learn more.


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