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Our Advantage - Confidence in our Decisions

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John Ridd

16775 Yonge St
Suite 221
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 8J4


Ridd & Associates Wealth Advisory Group empower clients; made up of successful individuals, business owners and their families, to organize and take control of their own financial and life management plans.

Achieving the Fullness of Life

  • Most persons and their advisors would probably define "wealth” as "riches”.
  • We would define "wealth” – as having the ability and mindset to pursue whatever you want to do with numerable options.
  • Wealthy does not have to do with how much money or making money but rather it is about achieving the "fullness of life” and then what money can do to assist our clients and their families.
We Believe
  • Our focus and planning must be upon our client’s actions in achieving their next and successive dreams.
  • We are required to build a trusting and strategic relationship so as to be a partner in the lives of our clients.
  • Protecting a sustainable retirement and legacy requires a disciplined, "counter-intuitive” and proactive strategy versus the myths of buy and hold and in view of the ever increasing volatility.
  • We have not built a unique client relationship until our clients become advocates.
So What Makes Us Different?
  • Professional and dynamic team building trust relationships
  • Dream Tracker – Protecting Retireability
  • Counter-Intuitive - Disciplined Investment Strategy Solution
  • Client Commitment Strategy
  • Community Commitment
  • Our Advantage...
Our Advantage – Confidence in our decisions
  • Our relationship and investment processes allow us to act independently from the "herd mentality” of following everyone else or the latest hot product.
  • We are not mandated to be invested at all times in any market. Nor do our portfolios closet index by simply mirroring the broad markets.
  • We look to hold only the strongest assets and have more options to protect the portfolios. We measure more asset classes than just Canadian stocks, bonds and cash and include foreign equities, commodities, currencies and real estate.
  • We do not rely on the hope that some mutual fund or other institutional money manager or analyst will make changes to protect us in crisis – historically they cannot and will not.
  • Each day our team Counter-Intuitive - Disciplined Investment Strategy provides us with the CONFIDENCE TO MAKE THE DECISION necessary to protect our client portfolios in the strongest segments of the market.-Read more
The Big Picture
  • Our Disciplined Investment Strategy, a strict rules based approach using investment methods once only available to endowments and institutions, cannot be maintained without confidence in our procedures and a strong discipline to maintain our models. We continue to outperform our indices and peers in our Alphafolio Total Equity Model and more importantly have tactics that can assist with downside asset protection. -Read more