RVG Advisory specializes in Financial and Estate Planning, Investment Portfolio Management and a number of aggregated financial services to high net worth individuals, small business owners, Institutions,Foundations and Endowments.


Each client is unique and there is no single solution which universally addresses every client’s needs. Our process begins with a consultative meeting to better understand the client’s circumstances, financial needs and goals. Using the information, we then develop a tailored, comprehensive financial strategy that addresses the client’s goals and sets in motion the journey to financial success.


RVG Advisory takes pride on the high calibre of our service offerings. Dedication to our clients is demonstrated by regular face-to-face portfolio and personal goal reviews as well as open discussions to address any evolving needs and cash flow requirements.


In addition to the high level service we provide, the team is proud of the strong relationships we are able to cultivate with our clients. This starts at the first meeting and continues decades into the relationship. We build these long lasting relationships through mutual trust and exceptional service.