Philanthropic Services

Gifts to charitable organizations

This can involve one-time gifts of cash, appreciated stocks,works of art, or ecologically significant land, either in your lifetime or through your Will.

Private foundations

A private foundation is a highly structured and personal form of long-term giving, and well suited for philanthropy. A private foundation may be the best option for someone who wants to give through an organization that reflects their personal interests and values, and that can adapt quickly to changing opportunities or evolving ideas. A private foundation also enables one to establish a legacy in the community that will pass from generation to generation. It is away to engage family members and bring different generations together with shared values and a common mission. While there is no minimum amount needed to create a private foundation, many families choose to commit at least $1million to the foundation.

A private foundation is a good investment. Not only does it benefit your community for years to come, a foundation keeps on growing and giving. For example, a $1million initial endowment, earning 7% per year tax-free for 20 years, granting 3.5% of assets each year and with a 1.5% annual administration cost, would pay out about $850,000 in grants over 20 years, and the assets would growto about $1.4million. A private foundation also enables you to leave a lasting legacy while utilizing tax incentives to maximize your charitable contributions.

Donor advised funds

If you like the idea of a long-termgiving strategy where you can direct the annual disbursements but are unable to commit the amount of funds required to set up a private foundation, consider the BMO Nesbitt Burns® Charitable Giving Program. For as little as $25,000, you can set up a donor advised fund through a local community foundation, while enjoying many of the benefits of having a private foundation.

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program is offered in partnership with Supporting Your Community through our alliance with Community Foundations of Canada – the national membership organization for Canada’s community foundations. By working with a community foundation, you are able to draw on their deep understanding of local issues and organizations so that you can make the most of your charitable gift. We can help you achieve your philanthropic goals I along with BMO Trust Company’s philanthropic specialists can help you identify the values you wish to perpetuate and to translate these values into a mission statement and programto guide your philanthropic giving. We can also coach you or help you research funding needs and opportunities, valuate funding proposals, develop granting guidelines, monitor and evaluate your projects, as well as provide financial and administrative services for your foundation.