Managed & Fee Based Programs

More and more clients are looking for upfront knowledge of fees and the potential for tax deductibility.The fee-based programs below offer investing with a fee that is both predictable and easily understood. One fee covers all services and benefits, including expert consultation and advice, investment research access and web-based account information. With an upfront knowledge of fees, we can focus on realizing your objectives based solely on your needs and personal circumstances. Depending on the approach you prefer to take with your investing, whether it is non-discretionary or managed, we have a program that can meet your individual needs.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program®
The first full-featured unified managed account (UMA) in Canada. You benefit from a greater level of diversification and monitoring that provides an opportunity to enhance return potential while seeking to limit volatility. Within a single account, you have access to unparalleled investment alternatives including a wide range of leading money managers, a selection of top ranked mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), in addition to value-added services such as automatic rebalancing and enhanced tax management which combine to provide a more robust approach to portfolio management. You also receive the comfort of multiple layers of monitoring – BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Management Advisory Group, external investment consultants, and your Investment Advisor. For a minimum investment of $150,000 the Architect Program delivers enormous benefits through a single, simplified solution.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Advance Program®
The BMO Nesbitt Burns Advance Program offers a highly individualized approach to establishing and maintaining an appropriate investment strategy and portfolio. The Advance program achieves this by calling on my financial advisory services and on the expertise of leading investment managers from around the world. Until recently, the services of these managers have been beyond the reach of most individual investors. Available to investors with a minimum account size of $150,000, the Advance Program will appeal to the investor concerned about flexibility, comprehensive reporting, and performance.

BMO Nesbitt Burns BluePrint Program®
Offers you the opportunity to invest in one or more of seven model portfolios actively managed through BMO Financial Group’s in-house investment managers. The BluePrint Program allows you to access the investment expertise of Jones Heward Investment Counsel (JHIC) and Harris Investment Management (HIM). JHIC offers four unique Fixed Income Portfolios and access to BMO Capital Markets’ top ranked* research through the Canadian Equity and Total Equity Portfolios. Alternatively, you’ll be able to access HIM quantitative research through the U.S. Equity Portfolio.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program®
The key to ensuring better and more timely investment decisions is understanding your circumstances, objectives, preferences, and risk tolerance before recommending personalized strategies or individual securities. With the BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program, the process of getting to know you and your preferences is now even easier. With the Meridian Program, you receive the benefits of full-service advisory support from me along with the convenience and flexibility of Internet access for one all-inclusive fee based on assets under administration.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Quadrant Program®
Based on the principle of protecting and enhancing wealth, the Quadrant Program constructs a portfolio that consists of a range of specialized mutual funds - each of which combines the talents of some of the leading investment managers in the world. Research has proven that this approach provides the optimal combination of risk control and return enhancement. The Quadrant Program is available to investors with a minimum account size of $50,000.