My Wealth Management Approach

No matter what stage of life or what level of wealth you've attained, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner I believe it is important for you to consider all wealth management areas that will impact you and your family. Even though some of these areas may not apply to you today, making an informed decision about each will give you greater comfort that your requirements have been considered and evaluated.


Two-Way Partnership Process

I believe a disciplined, process driven approach, focusing on all aspects of your wealth is a prudent way to manage your financial matters. This involves identifying all essential financial details, discussing issues, articulating concepts, presenting various strategies and together coming up with solutions. This is a two-way partnership which involves the following 5 steps:

1. Determine your goals and expectations
My approach with you is consultative in nature. Before I can make any recommendations or suggestions, I need to learn your objectives and priorities so I can help you achieve the financial component of your goals.

2. Clarify your present financial status and identify any challenge areas and opportunities
I summarize all the details surrounding your finances so that they can be synthesized and analysed.

3. Create the financial plan
To do this, I draw on a wealth of experience and extensive resources; including the guidance of other professionals, both inside and outside of BMO Nesbitt Burns. This includes our unparalleled research which has been ranked #1 for 28 consecutive years in the prestigious Brendan Wood International survey. This means the development of your plan and financial strategy will be supported by rich industry expertise and the latest findings of some the best planning minds in the country. Based on the above I will then present concepts to assist you in understanding how we together can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. I develop short and long term strategies to put you on track to achieving your goals and have you commit to those strategies that in your opinion will best meet your needs. Together we reach a consensus on specific solutions under each strategy, which will ultimately involve the ongoing allocation of financial and human resources.

4. Implement your financial plan
This may involve coordinating with other members of BMO Nesbitt Burns as well as other professionals such as accountants and lawyers.

5. Monitor the financial plan
Once a strategy is implemented, I will continue to regularly monitor and evaluate your progress to ensure that you are on target to meeting your goals. A review of your life circumstances as well as economic and tax circumstances may result in an adjustment of the recommendations if those circumstances change.