Unique Value Proposition 

Mission Statement

Our passion is to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of our clients. We aim to be trusted, to be deeply committed, to create value and to work diligently with our clients to help create and preserve wealth. We achieve this by providing superior personalized wealth management services.


Who we are

We are a team of trusted professionals with the expertise and resources to help achieve the financial goals and dreams of our clients. Cumulatively, we have over 80 years of investment knowledge and experience managing over 150 families and institutions. Our area of expertise is conservative long term investing with a high level of safety. Being part of a team means that backup support is always available. In addition, we each bring our own knowledge and expertise to the benefit of our clients.


What we do

We provide customized advice, recommendations and solutions for our clients, their families and their businesses. We do not recommend “cookie cutter” strategies nor do we sell products. Our comprehensive wealth management strategies and solutions range from day-to-day brokerage services to comprehensive financial planning services including: Retirement, estate, insurance, risk management, tax minimization, trust set-up, capital preservation, philanthropy, inter-generational planning, asset protection and succession planning for business owners.


Why we do it

We strive to give our clients the peace of mind and security they deserve through proper risk management. We enjoy helping people. Knowing that we have truly made a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of our clients and their families is our reward.


How we do it

First, we arrange for a comprehensive confidential meeting at our office, or a the home or workplace of our clients. We then identify their financial needs and goals, both short and long term. This includes identifying any barriers to attaining their goals. Then we develop their personalized investment strategy, which includes establishing a written plan, to create effective solutions. Finally, we implement, monitor and review the investment plan. Throughout the process, we provide an ongoing service commitment.


Who have we done it for

We help service a diverse group of clients that includes: Retirees, working individuals, business owners, executives, professionals, charities, and foundations. Our clients recognize the value of having a team of dedicated professionals working on their behalf. They have entrusted us with helping them achieve their financial goals, their life experiences and their dreams.


What makes us different

We are client focused and listen to what clients say. Also, our clients have a clear understanding of our process, where we regularly review goals, strategy and portfolio performance. The real value we provide is the proven and disciplined approach, combined with a high level of commitment which gives our clients a real sense of understanding, comfort and trust. This in turn produces a solid, long lasting relationship. We also offer a customized approach to wealth management. We address the financial goals and unique requirements of each client through regular contact, reviews and ongoing account monitoring.


Why should you do business with us

You should do business with us for four reasons: We provide value, transparency, a superior level of service, and peace of mind. Ultimately, we make it our mission to make a positive and meaningful impact on your life. Our reputation, in the community and beyond, attests to our commitment and to our results. References are also available upon request.