Our Philosophy

In order to preserve and enhance your wealth we believe we must truly understand all aspects of your financial picture, from retirement savings to family businesses. Our role, as your personal financial consultants, is to ensure you are aware of the numerous strategies and services available to you. In doing so, we work closely with professionals in the areas of Accounting, Legal, and Insurance services in addition to our Investment and Financial Planning expertise. Through our comprehensive and pro-active approach we strive to provide you with financial peace-of-mind knowing that you are making the most appropriate and cost effective use of your assets given your personal and financial objectives.

What Makes Us Different

Because we take the time to listen, ask questions and truly understand the passions of our clients both financially and personally, we create very close bonds with our clients and their families. The strength of this bond and level of trust is evident by the diversity of locations where our clients live. The majority of clients are from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC, but we also have several relationships that span the globe, from Northern BC to New Brunswick, the UK to Malta, Singapore to Costa Rica. Although the distance is great, with technology and our highly personalized service, clients feel as though we are right next door. This diversity in geography also benefits our other clients because in a global investment environment it is helpful to gain insights directly from individuals around the world. These relationships add depth and perspective to our understanding of the global economic and investment environment and help to shape our advice.

Our Commitment to Superior Service

Personalized service is the foundation of our business. Whether it is customized reporting, investigative financial work, or personally delivering documents, you can be sure that we will do whatever it takes to provide you with the financial service you deserve. You have our promise that cheques will be issued promptly, that you will have thorough and knowledgeable answers to your questions, calls will be returned promptly, that you will have helpful and accurate reporting of your accounts at all times, that you are always aware of the alternatives available to you, and that our recommendations are explained clearly.

We believe clear communication is paramount. We speak with clients regularly and are happy to conduct your portfolio reviews at our office, your work, or your home. We provide weekly and monthly market and investment strategy comments by e-mail as well as our Quarterly Newsletter by e-mail and mail. Additionally, we provde regular seminars and conference calls.

We always strive to provide clients with flexibility, and choice, which is why all of our services are available in either a traditional transaction based, or all inclusive tax deductible fee based structure.

You'll enjoy access to a wide range of wealth management services, including credit and banking solutions, business financial services, estate planning and trust services, cash flow management, financial planning, as well as asset and income preservation through insurance planning.

Working with our team gives you time to pursue your passions, confident in the knowledge that someone who understands your personal needs is overseeing the development and implementation of your wealth management strategy.

Our Communication Policy

Whether by e-mail, phone, or fax you can always contact any one of our team members with questions or concerns. If you leave a message you are assured to have your call returned promptly. You can also view your accounts and access our research over the Internet via our Gateway Program.