Investing is like cooking.

There are different approaches and different appetites to satisfy. Is someone wrong to like a well-done filet mignon? Of course not, but is it really the best cut if you like your meat cooked thoroughly? As money managers, like chefs, we have the responsibility of meeting different needs while maintaining our core philosophy.


What makes up our core philosophy?


Active Investing 

Whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, the investing world is in constant evolution. As such, we believe that portfolio management must be dynamic and active. We utilize short-, medium- and long-term lenses in all our decision making while taking your situation into account.



Investing and an investment portfolio must always be structured and disciplined. Buying and selling without a plan is like tossing ingredients around and hoping it adds up to a five-star meal. We love our companies, but we are not married to them, and this is essential when making any portfolio decision.


Research Oriented

With our attention to detail, careful analysis of micro and macro factors and combined with the award-winning research provided by BMO Capital Markets and JPMorgan Asset Management, we have a strong base of information to work with. We always go a little further and we’re not shy to jump on quarterly earnings call ourselves or reach out to a research analyst if it’s needed for our clients.



We listen to and grow with our clients, no matter if they are seeking capital protection, increase their income or want to pursue aggressive growth initiatives. From a hands-off discretionary investment approach to a collaborative effort, we adapt with and for our clients.



We do not simply build proposals and mandates to mirror the indices. We go above and beyond to find ways to help our clients; from the use of covered call mandates, principle protected notes or accessing private equity deals, etc. we cater to our client needs and objectives.



Few of our clients are investment professionals, most are from different fields with varying investment experience and backgrounds. We strive to be as transparent as possible with our trading and decision making. We firmly believe in educating our clients about investing and the broader economy.


Like Michelin star chefs, we look beyond ordinary investing and advising, we strive to provide a holistic experience.