LD Wealth Management was formed in November 2022. The team was built on the foundation of a long-lasting friendship that emerged when Leon and David worked together as financial planners in the downtown region of Montreal. Myles, having worked with David since 2021, was a perfect compliment to help round out the team. Together, LD Wealth Management offers a combined 35 years of experience in financial services, wealth management and investment advisory.

“Our philosophy is based on a holistic view and one where wealth management requires a team of individuals who possess different skills but share similar values. Building a team based on similar values and complimentary but varied abilities means that our clients stand more to gain more from our work together than what we can offer as individuals.”


Leon Sabbaghian, F.Pl., MBA

Investment Advisor And Financial Planner

Leon Sabbaghian’s career at BMO Financial Group started 17 years ago, with 11 of those years having worked and grown in Wealth Management roles. Holding both a Certified Financial Planner title in Quebec and an MBA, Leon sees a detailed financial plan as forming the backbone of any investment strategy while his knowledge and experience ensure he has all the tools needed to assist his clients.

Leon is also a firm believer that consistent hard work, discipline, and above all integrity and transparency are the keys to success.

Two children keep Leon rather busy, but he always looks forward to family getaways with his wife and peaceful moments disconnecting from the routine. Leon is also a very big sports lover and says there is nothing more exciting than a live game in a packed stadium.

David Colasurdo, CFA, F.Pl.

Portfolio Manager

David Colasurdo joined BMO in 2008, having worked as a customer service representative, financial services manager, and financial planner, before joining Nesbitt Burns in 2019. A finance graduate, a designated financial planner and a CFA charter holder, David brings a wealth of perspective, experience and discipline to the team and his clients.

David actively promotes learning, sharing knowledge and mentorship which is why he and his wife, Christina founded a scholarship with Concordia University: The Emerging Leaders Award.

As a portfolio manager and an avid chef in his private life, David often makes the link between both activities: “Anyone can buy ingredients or stocks; using them to create a dish or a portfolio is the real art.”

Myles Strong

Client Service Associate

Myles Strong joined BMO Nesbitt Burns in 2021, having previously worked at RBC Direct Investing from 2018 to 2021, both as an Access to Specialist and an Estates Specialist. As a Client Service Associate and complimented by his previous experience, Myles handles all things administrative for the team.

It was a part time job at a private tennis club while pursuing his Bachelor of Arts where Myles was, through his many interactions with the members, turned on to the world of finance. He realized that acquiring as much knowledge and experience as possible when it came to the financial realm was necessary to understand and make it in today’s world.

In his personal life (and when not looking at the markets), Myles is an avid reader of history, a self-professed board game geek and Japanese sake connoisseur.