Steadfast wealth advocacy to help you achieve your aspirations

I deliver comprehensive, objective financial advice and services to successful clients with vision who desire a high level of personal service. 

With the rigour, organizational skills, strategic mindset, and advocacy that I developed while running my own criminal law practice, I now guide investors through the complex and ever-changing world of wealth maximization and transfer.


Full and integrated wealth planning

While practicing law, I recognized a gap: incorporated lawyers, physicians, business owners and commercial realtors have no pensions, no predictable salary, and busy, demanding careers that leave them little time to properly manage their wealth and its related complexities. In addition, they may have independence restrictions that pose challenges.

I am uniquely qualified to fill this gap, bringing insight, knowledge and a support team of collaborative specialists. I can help you to plan intelligently to meet your cash flow needs both today and in retirement and to pass your assets tax-efficiently to the next generation.


My relationships make the difference.

I collaborate closely with my clients, their families and my partners across BMO Private Wealth in tax, estate, retirement, trust, insurance, philanthropy, and succession planning, as well as BMO Private Bankers and Commercial Bankers. By engaging and motivating this sophisticated team of experts, I can bring you great advice; complete services; a competitive mortgage rate, line of credit, bespoke interest rate, and competitive deposit solutions; high-quality investment products; business cash management services; and financing access. I will work hard to harness all the firm’s finest experts and resources to help you enhance and protect your wealth.

Working with me

Viewing my client relationships as true partnerships, I take a disciplined, strategic approach to providing solutions that will enrich their lives.

I am committed to providing an optimal client experience and earning your trust and I will:

  • Get to know you and establish a lasting relationship based on the highest standards of service excellence, transparency and integrity.
  • Be here to help with all your financial priorities at every stage of your life.
  • Apply my disciplined, holistic, transparent and independent guidance, maintain open and regular lines of communication, listen to you, collaborate with you, and keep you informed.
  • Create a comprehensive wealth plan based upon a deep understanding of your goals through an unbiased, holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of wealth:
    • Investment planning, wealth planning, retirement planning, business planning, estate and insurance services, tax planning, trusts, philanthropic giving, private banking, and commercial banking.
  • Work with my partners to advise you both personally and professionally.
  • Consistently be available and accessible, get back to you as quickly as possible, and be attentive to your needs.
    • I will provide you with my cell number and invite you to call even on weekends and evenings.
    • I understand that busy and successful people are often in court, surgery, or meetings during the work week and may have more time to connect during off hours.

The Hetherington Service Agreement

Together, we will build and sign a service agreement to establish the service touchpoints you prefer and can expect. For example,

  • Would you like to review your portfolio quarterly or monthly?
    • If the markets get volatile, I will reach out more often.
    • You are always welcome to connect when you have a question or concern.
  • What type of publications would you like to receive?
  • Do you prefer to meet with me virtually, at your home, place of business, or – my recommended option – a restaurant near you? I believe the wealth journey should be enjoyable and my goal is to make you feel valued and celebrated.