"Janice brings a very special set of skills to her financial advisory work. Her background as a chartered accountant is evident in her knowledge of the financial metrics of every investment. Coupled with her strict investment discipline and unemotional approach to investing, it would be difficult to imagine someone more suited to the role of financial advisor. Janice is absolutely dedicated to her clients and she inspires confidence with her advice and judgment. It is a real pleasure to work with Janice and her wonderful team."

- Bernard P., Lawyer, client since 2009 (Jan. 2017)


"As a 20+ year client, Janice has overseen my portfolio with strategic stewardship, customizing strategy which is working to meet my needs. Her integrity and years of experience have focused on my financial goals and on "real" return, be it for funding my children's education or for preparing for my retirement. Selecting Janice as my advisor on my journey to financial independence was one of my smartest decisions."

- Carla M., Corporate Executive, client since 1995 (Jan. 2017)


"Janice Noble has been our financial advisor, consultant, and friend for over 16 years. We have found her to be resourceful, dedicated, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, and friendly. We feel she has had a significant impact on our financial strength and stability over time and put us in a position to enjoy our retirement years. Often, after watching eagles fly past our waterfront home, or while spending time with our grandchildren at our beach cottage, or traveling across the country in our RV, we will look at each other, smile, and say out loud "Thanks Janice"

- Bruce & Adrienne R., Retired, clients since 2000 (Nov. 2016)


"We have been working with Janice and her team for over twenty years. They provide not only knowledge and expertise in navigating the complex world of finance and investment, but the rare ability to explain this world in a clear and understandable manner—greatly appreciated by those of us who don't speak the language! Being able to develop a trusting relationship, where the team has gotten to know us and understand our specific needs, has meant a great deal. In fact, it's been key in working toward our financial security and peace of mind. You don't put someone in charge of your financial and future security without trust—trust that they know what they're doing, trust that they understand what your needs and goals are, and trust that they can keep your finances secure and growing regardless of market volatility."

- B & K, Retired Engineer & Nurse, clients since 1995 (Nov. 2016)


"Janice Noble has managed my investments now for 16 years. Prior to Janice, I dealt with other investment advisors who always seemed more interested in doing trades than helping me meet my long term financial goals. Her conservative style in bull and bear markets and long term view of investing has served me well as I am now entering my retirement years. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice Noble for your investment needs."

- Dale B., Entrepreneur, client since 2000 (Nov. 2016)


"Janice and her team are excellent to work with! Janice is second to none when it comes to her personal and professional attention while managing your portfolio. Eva is also very knowledgeable and willing to spend time and care when working with you. I have been fortunate enough to have been dealing with them for several years. Janice understands your risk tolerance, pays attention to detail, and she also honors your requests and preferences. When you're dealing with Janice you always feel that she is managing your funds, with the care and attention that she would if they were her own. This, and her integrity, is important to me. I would not like to work with someone who just considers me another client. I appreciate being treated like the unique person I am. Over the years of working together, I am happy to say that I also consider Janice a friend."

- Wendy W., Mortgage Broker & Entrepreneur, client since 2000 (Nov. 2016)


"Accessibility, genuineness, and informed decision making are qualities that come to mind when I consider what is unique about Janice’s practice. Janice’s personal values and ethics and her understanding of how to meet our personal family goals has been invaluable while dealing with her and her team for the past 25 years. Whether it be a comprehensive financial plan, management of the portfolio, or preservation of capital, Janice and her team always provide the hands on personal attention and frequent communication that is important to us. She is able to interpret the larger economic picture and understand how it would impact one’s financial situation, while remaining confident and patient in the decision making process. We always find comfort in the way that Janice proactively communicates with us. I would like to thank you and your team for the personalized assistance you have provided to our family over the years. Our relationship has grown and developed into such a strong bond that we consider you very much a part of our family while we also respect your level of professionalism in all our dealings with you."

- Yasmin, client since 1995 (Jan. 2017)


"Thank you for all that you do for me! Your hard work has allowed me to put three through college and secure my retirement - endless thank yous!"

- Leslie N., Consultant, client since 2010 (Feb. 2020)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your investments.