Janice Noble

Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Advisor

“It’s not just about the money. It’s about getting the living right.”

There are defining moments in everyone’s life. This was one of mine.

As a young professional woman in the late 80’s in Toronto with the Chartered Accountant designation and 10 years of finance and investment experience, I was struggling to find my way in a meaningful career that made sense to me. I had been selling commercial real estate (what was I thinking and particularly as a woman?) until the prolonged bear market took hold (OH the learning!). I certainly wasn’t having any fun. One of my girlfriends, a former Olympic athlete, encouraged me to take a break and start thinking about the aspects of my career I enjoyed the most and what strengths I might bring to the table. And most importantly, what would make my working life fulfilling, productive and fun. Tough questions!

One of my personal goals at the time was to learn how to really ski so I set off to Whistler alone for a 2 week vacation. I turned those 2 weeks into a year of meeting new and interesting people, discovering the beauty of the West Coast, an ability to ski just about anywhere on the mountain and a career that made perfect sense to me. I never went back. Instead, I stayed in Vancouver and built an investment and wealth management business helping people with their money and investments. 30 years later, combining my love of engaging with people and their lives, a profound interest in the complex world of investments, my unique skill set and naturally warm, empathetic nature, I am still stimulated intellectually, psychologically and of course financially by what I do everyday. I am one of the lucky ones to be sure. Barring a decline in my physical and/or mental health, I have no plans to retire any time soon.

When I stop and think about what has happened in the past 30 years – bull, bear and sideways markets, Asian crisis (90’s), tech wreck (early 2000), 9/11, global credit crisis (’08 and '09), global pandemic, etc …it has been a very challenging, yet intellectually stimulating time. But it is that breadth of experience and perspective that has fed and nurtured my sound intellectual framework for making investment decisions and helping clients navigate toward their life cycle goals.

Vancouver has been very good for my strong sense of community and belief in giving back. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving as Board Chair of the United Way of the Lower Mainland, lead major fundraising events for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and played a key strategic role in fundraising for the internationally acclaimed Aga Kahn University. I was one of the original activators of SheEO, a group looking to alter the funding landscape for female entrepreneurs. Recently I was invited into the membership of the Vancouver chapter of the  International Women’s Foundation (IWF). I have run many 10K races, skied Peak to Valley races in Whistler, cycled the Gran Fondo and hiked mountains for many causes near and dear to me. I have yet to discover a yoga marathon for charity – perhaps I’ll start one.

Of course my personal statement is not complete without mentioning that I have been married to a Registered Psychologist in private practice for 27 years and together we have a fabulous 24 year old daughter currently navigating her way into the world of medicine. As a family we enjoy skiing, hiking, cycling, sailing, traveling the world and spending quality time with friends and family.