My Approach

The topics covered over the first 2 years of our relationship include:


  1. Identify & Quantify Financial Goals

  2. Ascertain Current Financial Situation

  3. Review Risk Tolerance & Time Horizons

  4. Discuss Balance & Diversification

  5. Create a Comprehensive Financial Blueprint

  6. Build a Multi-Asset, Multi-Style, Multi-Manager Investment Portfolio

  7. Discuss Retirement Planning

  8. Talk about Risk Management

  9. Confer about Tax Strategies

  10. Speak regarding Debt Minimization

  11. Discuss Estate Planning

  12. Consult regarding Wills & P.O.A.’s

  13. Explore Educational Needs

  14. Chat about Charitable Giving

  15. Discuss Special Needs

A quarterly review of your situation and changes in the world is recommended.