My Approach

Working with Glen Gosling


What kind of experience will you have?

My work with clients is best described as a partnership - we are partners working together towards your goals, whatever they may be.  I have your best interests at heart and everything is structured in a transparent and non-biased fashion.  I do my best to ensure you are more knowledgeable about your investments and the world of investing each time we meet.  Before I ever make a recommendation to a client I always think of my family and if I wouldn't suggest something to them I wouldn't suggest it to you.

What is my approach to investing?

I believe in wealth preservation and growth in accordance with each clients’ goals and values.  My advice is consistent and doesn’t waiver due to any new investment fads, and the swings in the markets.  I believe in owning quality investments and diversifying your holdings to reduce risk.  A client’s appropriate asset allocation is always considered and I rebalance when necessary.

How do I charge for my services?

I run an all-inclusive fee-based business.  My experience has shown that complete fee transparency is best for clients and allows me to work unbiased and able to choose the best investments from across many providers across Canada and the USA.  There is no second guessing what my intentions are - I do better when you do better.


What other services do I offer you?  

Beyond portfolio management, I am a Certified Financial Planner® foremost and so everything revolves around the Financial Plan.  Most common is the retirement plan to ensure you are on track to have the retirement of your dreams but also includes Retirement Income planning, saving on taxes, estate planning and much more.  I provide a comprehensive financial roadmap through ongoing strategic and practical advice, experience, and an eye on the big picture, so that you stay on track with your financial goals. 


How often do I connect with my clients?

I have an extensive service platform which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  It is of the utmost importance to me that clients receive an adequate amount of contact.  I provide face-to-face meetings or telephone reviews for clients along with regular check-ins.  I also email out relevant information to clients on a regular basis to keep them informed.