Client Testimonials

What my clients are saying

'I have worked with Glen for at least 15 years.  He has guided me through investing from pretty basic stuff to the more complex realities of investing for retirement and then the creation of a plan to draw down my investments in the most sensible and tax efficient manner.  We met regularly to review my investments and to ensure they supported my life plan.  He always ensured that his recommendations matched the risk level I was comfortable with.  Glen was always prepared, sending documents ahead of time for my review and always patiently and knowledgeably answered my questions.  In the middle of our association I moved to another province and I really didn't want to give up Glen's expertise and guidance so he ensured that he was certified to advise me in my new province.  We continue to meet over the phone and I continue to have full confidence in Glen's advice, recommendations and financial expertise.  Glen is also just a really nice guy and it's a pleasure to exchange news before getting down to business.  I look forward to working with Glen for many years to come.' --Written July/2019

M.L. - client since 2005


'Glen has been my advisor for over 10 years.  He is patient and clear in his explanations.  He will go over things until the client feels comfortable, no matter how long it takes.  Yet he never makes anyone feel like they are a nuisance.  When he moved from one bank to BMO I followed him without question, as I trust him completely to be upfront and clear about any qustions I have'
--Written July/2019

L.S. - client since 2009


'Glen Gosling is a most professional financial advisor.  We have used and benefited from his services for over a decade now.  We totally trust his analysis, recommednations and advice.

He is insightful, knowledgeable, diligent, reliable and genuinely committed to his clients.  We truly feel he has our best interests at heart.  Glen has consistently helped us tremendously with our financial planning and investments.

Glen's calibre, qualities, care personable traits and ethics speak highly of him.  He demonstrates a palpable passion for what he does professionally for his personal clients.'
--Written July/2019

Dr. C.M.S / J.M.G - clients since 2009


'Glen is a long time Advisor for me.  In all our interactions he has had my best interests in mind.  After we meet, speak on the phone or email, I am reminded as to why I have him advising me.  It is such a pleasure to interact with him.  His integrity and knowledge is invaluable to assist me in managing my portfolio.  He meets with me on a regular basis and assists me in assessing risk tolerance and review of my investments.  He is always available to answer questions and explain options in my portfolio.'
--Written July/2019

D.B. - client since 2006


'We have known Glen Gosling for a few years now and from the beginning he has won our confidence in his skill in managing our money.  We have a very high trust in his work ethic.'
--Written July/2019

B.C / O.F. - clients since 2006


'Our professional relationship with Glen Gosling dates back to 2005 when he was assigned to be our Financial Advisor by the Financial Institution we were banking with 14 years ago.  We were really impressed with Glen's professionalism and outstanding customer service.  Needless to say, Glen won our respect & trust as a reliable Financial Advisor.  This professional relationship was built on trust, and that became more evident when Glen decided to work for BMO Nesbitt Burns.  We wanted to retain him as our Financial Advisor.  So we moved most of our retirment investment to BMO. 

Through the years we have been able to rely on Glen for informative financial consultations & decisions.  He is quick to respond or return calls for any concerns or questions we have.  We trust & value Glen's opinion and advice in terms of financial planning.  Glen is proactive with advice & analysis and he contact us regularly for updates.  We have a very good working relationshiop with Glen and we value his advice & opinion with regards to financial planning.

We know we are in good hands with Glen.'
--Written July/2019

W.N / H.N - clients since 2005

'Glen Gosling has been our financial adviser since 2005. A testament to our trust in him is that, when he moved to BMO Nesbitt Burns, we did not hesitate to move with him. Through the years we have found Glen to be very attentive, responsive to our concerns and needs, always able to provide advice in language we can understand, and genuinely concerned for our well-being. We appreciate the forthrightness of his analysis and recommendations coupled with the fact that we never feel pressured to any particular course of action. Our relationship with him has been a genuine partnership for which we are deeply appreciative.'
-- Written July/2019

R.C. / L.C. - Clients since 2005


'I have had Glen as a Financial Advisor for a number of years and can genuinely recommend him.  Very responsive to my needs and keeps me up to date on my investments.  Periodic face to face meetings provide lots of information and excellent insights into my retirement funds.  Bottom line is an excellent return on my investments.'
-- Written August/2019

J.K. -Client since 2010


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.