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Simplicity is Key

We believe one of the biggest values we can bring is to simplify your financial life. With so many options, so much jargon and so much to consider - we educate and simplify, so you can be confident and make informed decisions. Wealth Management has a lot of moving parts and you need the right team of experts to make sure that they are all moving in the right direction. Leonard Da Vinci said it best "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication".

Financial Planning - So You Can Slow Down to Speed Up

We believe that when it comes to you improving your finances, many of you don't feel you have the time or don't know where to start, which is often where you stop.  Financial Planning can be overwhelming and it doesn't have to be. Financial Planning is all about providing you direction to get to your destination sooner. We make it easy and convinient to help you slow down to speed up.

Family is Important to Us - We Manage Your Wealth as We Would Our Own

We believe you place a lot of trust in our hands when you sit across the desk from us and we take that trust very seriously. The Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group always acts with the highest integrity and puts your priorities first, just as we want and expect for our families.  We respect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential.

Integrity Pricing and Transparency

We believe that there should be no surprises when it comes to the fees you pay. Integrity pricing is important to us. We utilize Architect, Blueprint and Meridian Investment Platforms. We charge a fix percentage basis and it's transparent so you the fees are visible on your statement. Our fees are often less than mutual funds and can be tax deductible as Canada Revenue Agency recoginizes that you have hired professional money managers.

We are Investing, Not Trading

We believe in a dividend approach to investing, we seek quality income producing solutions, keeping true to a target asset allocation between stock, bonds & cash while riding out noise in the markets. We are invested for the long term and not the latest investment fad. Your money is proactively managed for you, we do not believe in being reactive to the market.

We Don't Attempt to Time Markets or Forecast the Economy

We believe that we cannot forecast or time the markets –  and that no one else can either. We know that we add value through financial planning, investment councelling, behavioural coaching through the market ups and downs, acting as your educator to ensure you understand what you own, and often we become a sounding board for many of our clients seeking advice in other areas of their lives.


We are Your Perfect Investment Consolidation Platform

We believe that our consolidation process gives you confidence in your financial future. Consolidation can often help reduce investments fees, simplfy your paperwork, limits confusion at tax time, save you time and allows for successful estate settlement. The Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group makes consolidation easy – we prepare all of the paperwork, initiate contact, monitor & manage the consolidation process on your behalf....and there is no cost to consolidate.

- Creating Dependable Income Today, Tomorrow, Together -