Our Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs including:

Portfolio Management Solutions
We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios.  Which incorporate individual equities, fixed income, structured products, and the selection and monitoring of money managers. 
Innovative Investment Solutions
Options strategies, structured products, active bond management

Asset & Income Preservation Solutions
Insured retirement, estate preservation, and critical illness, disability & long-term care solutions

Estate Planning Solutions
Spousal, testamentary & inter-vivos trusts, trust & trustee services, will reviewal, and our charitable giving program

Tax Efficient Solutions
Creating a tax-deductible mortgage, prescribed rate loan, creative use of leverage (i.e. borrowing through our Private Bank to purchase policies, shorting bonds, etc.), asset swaps, and tax-efficient security selection

Trust & Trustee Solutions
BMO Trust Company offers executor, trustee, and trust services - that includes our enCircle® program (platinum banking, cash management, income tax preparation, fiduciary services, and lifestyle services)

Private Bank Solutions
Offers integrated banking and borrowing services to affluent Canadians and their families ​

Family Office Solutions
Available to our Ultra High Net Worth families, BMO Family Office can assist in establishing a family office, family governance & legacy planning, treasury and payment solutions