Discretionary Management

The Managed Portfolio Account (MPA) Program is an investment management option that enables clients to delegate the task of making the everyday decisions that help maintain a healthy investment portfolio. While this program frees clients from having to give their consent for every recommendation that we may have for their accounts, clients will still maintain control over their overall investment strategy.
In addition to the benefit of not having to make the day-to-day decisions in their portfolios, there are several other benefits to the MPA Program. Within the program, clients do not pay commission on Individual transactions, instead all costs are covered by one transparent, all-inclusive fee.  We believe that a fee based platform aligns our clients' interest with ours.  In addition, the fee is fully tax-deductible in non-registered accounts and all annual administration fees that are normally charged to registered plans are waived.
Perhaps the greatest benefit to this approach is that it will enable us to be more nimble and effective at entering and exiting the market.   
Clients who are interested in the Managed Portfolio Program must have $250,000 in household assets in order to qualify. This minimum asset level is put in place in order to ensure that portfolios will be sufficiently diversified and that risk exposure remains low.
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Meridian Program

The Meridian Program is similar to the MPA Program described above.  Many of the same benefits apply, however, all investment decisions will be discussed before transactions are implemented.
Minimum Portfolio: $200,000