Custom Portfolios

Based on your unique circumstances, life changes, time horizon, and risk tolerance, we will help craft a customized portfolio to ensure that your investments are properly diversified and positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Our Portfolio Management Alternatives:

Managed Account Investing

Managed Portfolio Account (MPA)

As one of our MPA clients, you will enjoy boutique-style wealth management because you will have your own Portfolio Manager, which will allow you to have more time to pursue other interests, as your investments will be managed for you on a discretionary basis.


This non-discretionary fee-based advisory program gives clients the benefits of advisor-based, full-service investing for one all-inclusive fee and offers comprehensive wealth management strategies – not just trade securities.


The Architect Program is a unique kind of managed account solution, which includes a unified managed account (UMA). The UMA is a single diversified portfolio that combines separately managed accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and hedge funds into a single account for investors.


The BluePrint Program allows you to have access to seven portfolios that are managed on a segregated account basis for a low competitive fee.


The Quadrant Program offers systematic asset allocation, access to leading global institutional investment managers and investment styles, individual portfolio development, daily monitoring, and regular rebalancing and reporting.
*Fees charged to taxable accounts may be tax deductible.

Commission-Based Investing

Although managed account solutions are becoming more popular, some clients prefer a hands-on approach. For these investors, we continue to offer the traditional transactional commission-based portfolio option.

Personal and Commercial Banking

Our team has partnered with BMO Harris Private Banking to offer our clients Platinum Banking, Personal, and Commercial Loan facilities including Lines of Credit, Mortgages, and Investment Loans, and a full range of trust services as well as enCircle, a comprehensive all-in-one concierge service to take care of your day-to-day financial affairs.

Financial Planning

We offer financial plans designed for your individual needs and you will receive a personalized report containing specific recommendations on the actions you need to take to achieve your financial goals.

Strategic Estate and Insurance Solutions

When most people think of insurance, they think of life, home, and auto insurance. Insurance-based strategies can actually also help you to protect and enhance your wealth. Our Insurance Specialist can meet with you to determine the suitability and cost-effectiveness of many differing insurance strategies.

Charitable Donations

Philanthropy and charitable donations are an excellent way to give back to our communities, but donating to charity also makes good sense from a tax perspective. With proper planning, we can help you to reduce your total income tax liability and maximise the value of your donation.

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