William Simpson

CIM, Vice President, Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

1. The biggest problem in the financial services industry is a lack of service

Most Investment Advisors and financial institutions have too many clients and do not have enough time or energy to service them all properly. My practice is exclusive and, should we choose to work together, I pledge a level of personalized and attentive service that few advisors in the industry are able to match.

2. Every client needs to have a detailed, written, and comprehensive financial plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Without a detailed and written financial plan, few investors are able to stay on track for the long term or maintain the appropriate level of perspective when it comes to their investments. Developing a financial plan is an integral part of working with me as your investment advisor. I regularly update and review plans with my clients to ensure that they are on the right track towards achieving their financial goals.

3. Money management should be left to the professionals

As an individual, you have unique talents, skills and expertise. Unless you are a professional investor, your expertise most likely does not lie in wealth management. I believe that wealth management should be delegated to professional money managers. A professional can take the emotion out of investing and give you an objective, unbiased point of view that is priceless when it comes to investing.

4. Direct ownership in individual securities

As investors’ portfolios grow, especially beyond $250,000 in investable assets, I believe they are best served by directly owning individual securities. This can be achieved through a personalized portfolio of stocks, bonds, and ETFs or through Separately Managed Accounts handled by institutional, pension style managers. In either case, the fees are lower and more transparent as you escape from costly and hidden MERs. Your assets are also not pooled with other investors leading to untimely tax consequences and plummeting NAVs from mutual fund redemptions. Mutual funds are sold to the masses and small investors, where in contrast, stocks and bonds are bought by the "smart” money and more affluent investors.

5. Disciplined, systematic, and formula based investment approaches

Most money managers and individual investors are not able to consistently outperform the broad market. When it comes to money management, emotions and opinions can get in the way of sound investment decisions. To counteract this, investors must use proven systems, formulas, and processes. It’s my job to apply those processes to your investment portfolio.

6. Unique, custom designed, and personalized financial solutions

In working with me as your Investment Advisor, you will not receive a pre-packaged or off the rack solution. You are an individual with unique needs and wants and you deserve to have a personalized and customized investment and wealth solution. Think of me as your general contractor and together we will build your custom designed dream home.

7. Simplicity

Common complaints from disgruntled investors include: too much paper work, confusing statements and reporting, and difficult to understand investment and planning strategies. I encourage open and frank discussion to help clarify and simplify things for you if you find anything to be cumbersome or unclear. I want to make your financial life as simple as possible for you and your family.

8. The advisor and the client need to be on the same team

 My advice is unbiased and my fee structure aligns my interests with the interests of my clients in a mutually beneficial way. I put myself on your side of the table and promise to always act in your best interest. I am motivated to see your assets grow while at the same time keeping them safe and protected.

9. Performance matters

 Too many advisors hide from performance numbers and neglect to let their clients know exactly what their investment returns have been net of fees. I regularly report to my clients and never hide or mask the reality of the numbers. I set reasonable, long term targets with my clients based on their goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

10. Transparency in fees

My position on fees is that you will always know what you are paying for the service that I provide. I can't promise that my fees will be the lowest, but I can certainly say that the price that you pay will pale in comparison to the value that I offer you as a trusted advisor.