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William Simpson

Investment Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

Tel: 416-359-7735

William Simpson
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1 First Canadian Place
40th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

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Investment Management
Financial and Retirement Planning
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About Me

I manage roughly $140 Million in client assets for approximately 140 families. Investment management is not just my job, it is my vocational calling. I recognized early on in life my desire to choose an occupation that allowed me to utilize my unique talents and abilities in ways that could impact a greater good on people's lives. The career I sought was one that would utilize my unique talents and abilities in ways that brought peace of mind not only to my life and my family’s, but also to those I served.

A Unique Perspective to Your Investments

My approach to investment management is exceptionally personal. My business card only tells part of my story and I know from experience that balance sheets explain only a fraction about the lives my clients live. It’s why I’m committed to building long-term, trusting relationships with clients the only way I know how – by understanding how the money I manage for them gives their life greater purpose and meaning.

How I am Different

My ability to keep pace with today’s fast moving financial markets is what differentiates me in my profession. As a younger investment advisor, I embrace advancements in technology. My ability to easily access valuable information with a screen tap or mouse click allows me to serve my clients smarter and quicker. Being tech-savvy means I can interact with my clients almost instantaneously, utilizing the methods of communication that fit best with their preferences and lifestyles. While virtual world communications will never supersede the intimacy of face-to-face advisor/client meetings, they can sometimes be the difference between profit and loss when time is of the essence.