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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder
Heather Rogers

Tel: 403-260-9316

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

Who we are Matters

Coming from a line of 4 generations of western Canadian Entrepreneurs, we understand multi-generational wealth creation and what it takes to ensure the legacy grows for generations to come. Our purpose and commitment is to apply sound principles, acumen and hard fought integrity to our relationships.

Here are some favourites worth sharing:

If you find you are digging yourself into a hole… it's best to put the shovel down

  • whether you're 10 years old trying to talk your way out of a broken window or trying to justify a losing investment, this is a valuable lesson …. Let us help get you out of that hole…the right way!

Don't try to pick the bottom…all you get is stinky fingers

  • sure it makes sense to buy value on dips…but if you get too picky you can end up missing the boat all together

Never fall in love with a stock

  • it's best to understand your mistake and move on. Your first loss is your best loss…If a strategy is under performing… understand why… has the company fundamentally changed, market sentiment shifted? Over reaction?

We are able to apply insights and lessons passed along from several generations. We find these to be invaluable...and so will you.