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Our Philosophy

Service. Integrity. Trust.

Sound Investing Partnership

Many financial activities in life concern us all; adequate income for retirement, minimizing taxes, and preservation & growth of capital. Our focused approach to developing practical investment strategies for clients ensures we understand every aspect of your financial needs to maximize your returns and income, while minimizing risk.

Whether clients are income-oriented or primarily concerned with capital growth, they receive exceptional service and a highly personalized investment approach. The result is an extraordinary client experience based on over 50 years of combined financial industry experience within Kingsford & Associates.

BMO Nesbitt Burns also employs a state of the art client information system. This enables us to quickly assess relevant details of your securities holdings, accurately measure the performance of your portfolio, and communicate effectively with you. Whether answering your question, analyzing your portfolio's return or providing you with a transaction history, all the information we need to give you, as well as the personalized service you deserve is at our fingertips.

Solid Investment Strategy
Drawing on the expertise of BMO Nesbitt Burns top-ranked Research Department and a team of product specialists, we excel at creating well-diversified portfolios with an appropriate mix of cash, equities and fixed income to help meet our client's diverse needs for capital growth and income.

When considering investments, we are guided by the 12 principles of Warren Buffet and his mentor, Benjamin Graham:

  1. Invest in businesses that are simple and easy to understand

  2. Invest in companies with a reliable operating history

  3. Invest in positive long-term prospects

  4. Invest in rational management

  5. Invest in companies with open management-shareholder relationships

  6. Invest in management teams that are the leaders in their fields

  7. Invest in businesses with high return on equity (ROE)

  8. Understand the importance of earnings

  9. Understand the importance of profit margins

  10. Look for businesses that create both shareholder value and market value

  11. Understand the long-term value of the company

  12. Invest in quality companies at attractive valuations
Trusted Communication
"Do not let anyone else run your business, unless (1) you can supervise his performance with adequate care and comprehension or (2) you have unusually strong reasons for placing implicit confidence in his integrity and ability. For the investor this rule should determine the conditions under which he will permit someone else to decide what is done with his money."

- Benjamin Graham