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At some point, you must choose a team to actually manage your money.  Which equities(stocks) and bonds?  Which countries?  And, in what proportions will minimize your risk and meet your objectives.  All these parts are moving all the time.  Maybe you think you can do it yourself based on research you find on the Internet or talking with people.

After 20 years in the business and living through many business cycles, I sincerely believe that there are several companies and managers that have a repeatable process for sucess.  The difference between an average and the best manager could be as much as a 5% differrence in return each year on your money.  This could be the difference between realizing your financial goals or not.  The more assets you have, the more imoprtant this becomes.

Below are the companies with the Active Institutional Managers that I feel have risen to the Top and diferentiated themselves over the years.  These are all active managers that strive to capture lessof the Downside in volitile times and more of the Upside during good times, all while keeping your risk in line with your objectives.  

Their websites are a wealth of information.