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Steve Wright
Jennifer Tong

885 West Georgia Street
18th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8

​Financial and Estate Planning  ♦  Tax Planning  ♦ Investment Planning and Strategy  ♦ TFSA  ♦  RSP  ♦  RIF  ♦  Trusts  ♦  Corporate

Our team has been providing Financial Planning advice and Wealth Management to individuals, families and corporations for almost 20 years.

We work with clients that have sold a property/business, received an inheritance, are busy saving for retirement or just busy being retired. Our financial process allows the relationship to vary in emphasis with the particular situation of each client. In most cases however, the key areas of focus are cash flow, investment management, estate and insurance planning, retirement planning, financial decision making, and tax planning.  We listen and guide our clients on every step of the key areas to help them achieve their financial goals.
Client accounts are usually a combination of RSPs, RIFs, TFSAs, Non Registered, Trust and Corporate Accounts which help us minimize taxes and ensure proper asset allocation.

Timely, unbiased, expert, personal client service has been the cornerstone to our success.
If you are looking for straight forward, experienced, honest, simple wealth managemnt advice, then give us a call.  We are available to meet on your schedule.



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