A Panoramic Approach to Wealth Management

Our team is committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients by navigating the complexities of wealth planning and investment management. Our focus is to identify potential blind spots in your financial journey while building and protecting your wealth. 


At our core, we prioritize the creation of a comprehensive wealth plan for each client, which serves as the foundation for a fully tailored investment strategy. To ensure that all areas of your wealth plan are aligned with your goals, we collaborate with internal wealth partners, as well as work closely with your current external advisors to simplify transactions and tax filings, freeing up time that you can reallocate to other areas of your life. 


Our client base includes households and businesses seeking proactive wealth planning, with a focus on wealth accumulation, wealth protection, and tax-efficient income planning. Backed by BMO's 200-year-old legacy of trust and excellence, our team leverages the insight and resources of a collaborative network of specialists at BMO Private Wealth to provide a panoramic approach to wealth management. 


Our services include: 


-Wealth Plan creation and annual updates

-Investment strategy creation and management

-Estate, trust, and insurance services

-Retirement planning

-Tax efficiency planning

-Agricultural succession planning

-Foundation creation and philanthropic strategies

-Private Banking services

-Commercial Banking services

-Cross-border tax planning support

-Corporate executorship

-ESG investing strategies

-Sharia-compliant investment strategies


We are licensed in jurisdictions across Canada, enabling us to work with you remotely or in-person, and to assist your extended family members and business associates. 

We are humbled by the opportunity to build your net worth, grow your return on life, and help you connect the dots to your dreams.