Currie & Cookman Wealth Advisory Group

At the Currie & Cookman Wealth Advisory Group, we help our clients achieve their goals through Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Customized Portfolio Strategies, Financial Planning and Comprehensive Estate Planning. Since 1993, Scott Currie and Kent Cookman have worked together with their team of skilled specialists to exceed client expectations.


Our Commitment to Our Clients

Many financial activities in life concern us all: saving for retirement, minimizing taxes, setting aside funds for a major purchase, financing your children’s education, providing a lifelong income from your investments or providing a legacy for your heirs. To reach your own financial objectives, you need to consider the challenges to building and preserving capital in today’s increasingly complex marketplace.

When you open an account with the Currie & Cookman Wealth Advisory Group, you establish a partnership with a team that will help you identify your financial goals, while reflecting your unique requirements including income and security, tax considerations, your current savings plan, past investment experience and your comfort with risk. We believe that the most important element of successful wealth management is a collaborative relationship between the client and advisor. This relationship is best achieved through the diverse abilities of a well-designed team such as that found in the Currie & Cookman Wealth Advisory Group.

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