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Retirement Planning 

All retirement planning advice isn’t equal

When you think about it, the calibre of financial advice depends on the knowledge of the advisor, the working tools available and the level of personal interaction in the process. As BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisors, our experience is enhanced by continuing education – and with the use of our sophisticated planning software. We're also personally involved at every step.

Is time on the side of your retirement?

Time - it’s the most powerful force in building the kind of investment returns that will assure a comfortable retirement. But taking full advantage of it demands a plan.

Working with our sophisticated software planning program, we can take the pain out of the process of building your personal retirement plan.

Estate Planning

Our in house Estate and Insurance Advisor, Peter McMahon is readily available to meet with you to discuss advantages of the following products.

Corporate Investment Shelter
If you have a successful company, you may also have corporate investments. You may be planning to use these assets as retirement inome, and then leave as much as possible to your heirs. However, the amount your children may receive after corporate and personal taxes may not be as much as you had planned. Fortunately, you may be able to maximize the after-tax value of these assets using the Corporate Investment Shelter Strategy.

Estate Preservation
Did you know that at death your property is assessed at fair market value and any capital gains are taxed? The resulting taxes may be substantial, and to cover the costs your heirs may be forced to sell property or liquidate investments. But with a well-designed estate plan, you can preserve assets and make sure they are distributed according to your wishes. Please contact me if you’d like an assessment of the tax liabilities in your estate or want to learn about developing an estate plan to preserve your assets.

Insured Annuities
How would you feel about the potential to increase your retirement income and reduce the amount of income tax that you pay? Consider using the Insured Annuity concept for your portfolio. The insured annuity is an insurance strategy that has the potential to provide greater income with the tax-advantaged treatment of your non-registered funds, especially when compared to conventional guaranteed interest instruments. Please call me for more information on the benefits of the insured annuity concept.

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