Quadrant Program

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Quadrant Program brings a comprehensive approach to investment management — one that has proven to deliver dependable long-term results.
Global in scope, but singular in focus, this innovative program offers: Systematic asset allocation, access to leading institutional investment managers and investment styles from around the world, daily monitoring, and regular rebalancing and reporting, all at a predictable and very reasonable cost. Minimum investment for this account is $50,000. The minimum initial investment for RRIF, LIF and LRIF accounts is $100,000.

Quadrant begins with a thorough (but brief) investment questionnaire, the results of which form the basis for an Investment Policy Statement. Once you have approved this statement it is used to establish guidelines for your ideal asset mix. Selecting the right asset classes (stocks, bonds and treasury bills) is the most crucial element in your investment success, accounting for 90 per cent of total portfolio returns.

Quadrant develops a portfolio for you that is designed to take advantage of the variety of available investment strategies. Under certain market conditions, some management styles work better than others. As a result, Quadrant diversifies so that a number of styles are working for you. This reduces the effects of short-term fluctuations and increases the likelihood of reaching your long-term goals.

With the Quadrant Program you can be rest assured that the management styles chosen are right for the times. Our associates at SEI Investments (SEI) are world leaders in measuring the effectiveness of investment management styles and management companies. Calling on an unparalleled global database, SEI researchers in the U.S. and Canada select the elite group of specialist managers who will work on your behalf through Quadrant.

Finally, the more than 25 top investment-management firms chosen for the Quadrant. Program are monitored daily by SEI analysts to ensure that they stay within defined investment parameters for investment style, process and performance.

Depending on your circumstances, your diversified Quadrant portfolio may be comprised of Canadian and international mutual funds. These funds could include small- and large-capitalization stocks representing developed and emerging economies, along with a variety of fixed-income investments and money market instruments.