Architect Program

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program is the next evolution in a managed assets program - a unified managed account. Now within a single, comprehensive program, you can achieve a level of diversification and sophistication previously only possible through multiple, separate investment vehicles and multiple investment accounts.

The Architect Program embodies the essence of what people have been looking for in a managed assets program - freedom from ongoing monitoring of the markets and day-to-day investment decisions and the comfort that your investments are being optimally managed by a team of experts led by my group.

With the Architect Program, your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor has flexibility when designing and constructing your recommended portfolio. The Investment Advisor will draw from a selection of separately managed accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and alternative investments. This selection will include access to investment managers previously unavailable for such a low minimum investment ($150,000).

Designed to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your return potential while seeking to limit the volatility of returns, the Architect Program provides you with enormous benefits: an individualized strategic asset mix, skilled expertise in portfolio management that incorporated risk management principles by including the potential for diversification by investment vehicles, managers and styles, ongoing portfolio oversight, and; active coordination of the underlying investment vehicles for systematic portfolio rebalancing, and intelligent cash management.

Benefit from the power of one ...The Architect program gives you: One investment policy statement executed through one coordinated portfolio; One set of documents to complete; One fee, and; One all-inclusive quarterly statement.

It all adds up to the most efficient and effective investment solution available to you.