Coburn Wealth Management


We are a team focused on our clients well-being.

We have a responsibility to our clients to utilize over 23 years of combined wealth advisory experience, as well as the expertise of professional partners within our firm, to help create and deliver tailored investment, retirement & estate strategies based on the information with which our clients have entrusted us.

Every client is unique and has different needs, but that doesn't mean clients should be treated differently. Our personal values guide our actions to make sure our clients feel they are heard, understood, and are provided with diligent, thoughtful advice and direction.

Our clients choose us because they need and want a team to care about their families’ financial well-being as much as they do themselves.

Our goal with every client is to be their most trusted advisor, and this is something that is very rewarding once it has been earned. Over the years, we have come to be the people our clients turn to as a sounding board for many life decisions, often not investment related at all. These relationships are our measure of success in our profession.

Our core beliefs are embedded in how we work for our clients and are always on display. We see this as extremely valuable to the relationships we hold.


  • We believe that being transparent is most important, and a reason we develop trust quickly with our clients.

  • We believe that our clients should always be able to reach us, and we commit to quick response times, as well as clear and consistent communication.

  • We believe that our clients should constantly educate themselves and be introduced to learning about their wealth, but they shouldn't expect to become an expert.

  • We believe our clients need professional advice across multiple wealth disciplines and we have the skills and experiences to be their primary provider.