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Robert gained recognition in Ontario in 1987 when he correctly advised clients to move out of stocks and into bonds in his quarterly publication "The Investors Eye” just months before the famous October ’87 crash occurred. Many of his clients thankfully heeded this warning at the time and followed his recommendation to move their equity (stock related) investments to the security of safe and high yielding Government Bonds.

Robert became better known throughout Canada in the early 1990’s upon winning a nationwide company contest which encompassed more than 1000 Investment Advisors. The contest was based upon correctly predicting the final closing price of the New York Dow Jones Index and the Toronto Stock Exchange Index in the ensuing 6 months. His projections were almost dead on and he was the winner of both categories of this national contest.

More recently, Robert was named as top of his field in a contest run by a local community business magazine.

A list of Robert's clients include personal and corporate accounts, RRSP’s, RRIF’s and Institutions. These clients benefit from his rigorous investment approach which focuses on a process of "Custom Tailored” Asset Allocation of top grade investments.

Professional Accreditations

Robert graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours Degree in Sociology in 1974. His professional money management career began when he joined a major national investment firm in 1982

Robert moved to BMO Nesbitt Burns from another major investment firm in 1996. He has been recognized by the BMO Nesbitt Burns’ Presidents Council.


With the help of BMO Nesbitt Burn's Financial Planning tools and top-rated Investment Research*, Robert’s over-riding goal is to help provide maximum protected and properly diversified returns for his client’s ‘investible’ monies.

*Rated #1 for 27 Consecutive years in the Brendan Wood survey of Canadian Investment firms...