'While he tends to be somewhat conservative in his investment approach, he produces excellent results, without taking undue risk...and the results, which he has produced have certainly enhanced my retirement lifestyle.'

Glen N., Retired, Vancouver

'Thank you very much to you and your team...for meeting with us, and having the nicely prepared 'Investment Package' and 'Retirement Analysis' put together for Karen and I. This meeting was exactly what I was looking for...gave Karen and I a good snapshot of where we sit today financially, and what we need to do to prepare for a comfortable retirement somewhere down the road.' 

Randy & Karen W., Executive, Vancouver

'Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on our behalf. We both have great confidence in you and feel fortunate to have connected with you.'

Arthur T., Retired, Whistler

'Thank you for the time spent with me, encouraging me re: investments, yet honouring my commitments to family assistance & charities. Your summaries of the activity in my portfolio is as always most impressive & represents a lot of time & care spent on my behalf.' 

Ellen E., Executive, New Westminster

'Richard Cheng and staff have been a delight to work with. True professionals in every aspect of services provided. A company that actually does care.'

Brian M., President & CEO, Surrey

' I have been investing in the stock market since I was 16 and over the past 30 years I have gone through my share of financial advisors. The past 7 years I have been with Richard Cheng and I have found him to be the most professional advisor I have had. His team is always ready to help and solve any problems I might have. Richard Cheng is what all financial advisors should use as a standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Cheng and his team to anyone.'

Doug M., Consultant, Abbotsford