Giving Back 

This year, our Christmas wish is to shine a light on a grass roots organization that has been gently aiding women in our very own community here in Vancouver: Sancta Maria House.


Its mission, rich in origin and faithful vision, is to bring support, hope, and love to women seeking freedom from addiction. The home fosters a safe and loving space conducive to healing and growth. With quiet and nurturing attention to the love and care of each woman, this is part of what makes Sancta Maria House so special.


There, they have successfully aided women on a remarkable path of recovery and healing, women of all backgrounds who then go on to become of service and give back to their communities. Women who extend their hands to support those who sit now where they once had.


Sancta Maria House relies solely on the generosity of private donors, with no government funding nor subsidies. In the video below you will find a video titled Ariel’s Story, one of restoration and faith, and a special message from Richard. Our 2023 wish is to support Sancta Maria House, and we hope that all who are able can join us on this endeavour as well. 

On behalf of the Cheng Wealth Advisory Group, from our homes to yours, we are wishing you a blessed holiday season!