Ian Peebles, CIM

Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor

What can I expect in working together?
I focus on unlocking greater choice, meaning and confidence for families throughout their lives. Together with Gab, we lead a powerful Family Office for clients with complete accountability for all things financial. We have worked together in partnership for well over a decade and have 25+ years ahead of us.
What are your qualifications?
I am both a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) and Portfolio Manager (PM) who has served highly successful families since 2008. I graduated with a Finance degree from Western University and continue the strong family legacy going back to 1994 – being a Family Advisor is who I am. Clients tell me they value my grit, curiosity and professionalism.
Tell us about yourself.
In my free time, I channel my energy by playing in hockey and tennis. I live in Bloor West Village with my wife and two daughters.   

Gabriel Martin, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My daughters, wife and our sunrise alarm clock! Truthfully I fly out of bed in the morning to make our clients lives more successful.  The responsibility and accountability that comes from being part of that outcome is both humbling and gratifying.
Aren’t all Investment People the same?
Not a chance! Ian and I are not employees – we are business owners.  Our work is incredibly human. We further the best interests of the families we work with - It’s us against the world! We are so fortunate to work with such great people:  Relationships spanning decades and generations. Service, accountability, longevity - that is what we bring as trusted advisors.
Tell us about yourself.
I hail from McGill University with a degree in Mathematics. I’m a Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor with international licensing (including the U.S.) who obtained my Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) designation 12 years ago. Love my family, friends and community here in Toronto and around the world. I am an avid traveller who enjoys sharing stories of awesome things to see and do. I walk to work – the best way to start & end each day.

Kaitlyn Richardson

Administration Associate

I graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) with a degree in Arts & Contemporary Studies. I began my career in the finance industry over seven years ago and have been with Peebles Martin Wealth Management since 2017. After joining the team, I quickly passed both the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and Conduct & Practices Handbook (CPH).
Families that I work with have shared that they appreciate my efficiency, promptness and good nature. I am a clear and proactive communicator and champion all operational and behind-the-scenes activities for the team, along with my colleague Nataliia.
In my spare time, I am a vivacious reader with a broad collection of books. I also love to travel and have been to over 15 different countries. When I am not at work I enjoy baking, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends.
I live in Penetanguishene, Ontario with my husband and our dog.

Nataliia Riabenko

Administration Assistant

I began my career in the finance industry over five years ago with BMO Financial Group and have been with Peebles Martin Wealth Management since December 2021. I have a background in accounting and business management.  
My eye for detail, dependability and willingness to assist are qualities that many clients I worked with valued in me the most. I am a passionate go-getter, effective communicator and knowledgeable in a variety of behind-the-scenes processes.
Outside of work, I am usually traveling and staying active. I particularly enjoy snowboarding, biking and golfing. I love spending time with family and friends.
Raised in Ukraine, I now live in downtown Toronto. I am fluent in three different languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.