Investment Advice and Portfolio Design:

  • Careful analysis and investment strategy design to promote your best interests every step of the way
  • Use of time-tested investment methodologies and one of Canada’s top ranked
  • investment research teams
  • Monitoring and rebalancing of portfolio based on current market conditions
  • Annual client portfolio review 


Financial Planning: 

  • Detailed financial planning forecasts using sophisticated software
  • Regular plan review to ensure you stay on track
  • Tax shelter strategies
  • Insurance and estate analysis and implementation



  • Financial Lifestyle Maximizer analysis to identify planning gaps, risks and opportunities
  • Strategic coaching based on your dangers, opportunities & strengths
  • Proactive and regular communication
  • Timely updates on market and economic policy changes and how they impact you
  • Network of experienced consultants, tax specialists and lawyers
  • Together with a private banker we can provide you with creative solutions in everyday and direct banking, cash management and credit needs
  • Coordination of tax return preparation and snowbird services
  • Quarterly newsletters, educational client seminars, analyst conference calls and client appreciation events