Wealth planning made easier for you

We know wealth builds complexity and the more money you have, the greater the complexity. Whether you have recently acquired wealth or you’re looking for a different perspective on how to manage your wealth, we deliver a personalized wealth plan that’s coordinated across multiple aspects of your total wealth picture – acting as your financial roadmap.


Our holistic, proactive approach helps affluent individuals and families achieve their wealth goals at all stages of their lives. We are a team of experienced professionals who can help you save time, benefit from solid advice, and enjoy life with confidence, knowing your wealth is being well managed.


We offer complete and integrated services to help you protect and grow your wealth, plan for all your life’s stages, and enjoy financial freedom. We prioritize your interests through tailored, transparent, and objective financial advice, crafting a complete and customized wealth plan with the support of BMO Private Wealth specialists.




  • Will reviewers
  • Tax planners
  • Asset managers
  • Private Banking professionals
  • Credit consultants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Estate and trust planners
  • Insurance specialists
  • Business and Commercial Bankers
  • Risk management experts
  • Business succession specialists
  • Strategic philanthropy consultants

To help you achieve your vision of success, our team will constantly adjust your plan and our services for your evolving needs.