An investment strategy that's right for you



As an individual or family with a significant wealth, a key part of your wealth plan is your investment plan. Our team manages your portfolio with a highly customized, prudent and disciplined approach that emphasizes risk management. Through BMO Private Wealth, you'll gain access to a robust product shelf, and enjoy access to market-leading equity research from BMO Capital Markets; consistently ranked as one of the top research houses in Canada and fast becoming a growing force in the U.S.


We meet all your investment needs whether you would like us to manage your investments for you or whether you want to be closely involved in the process of managing your investments. Our main goal remains the same : help protect and increase your wealth.

Tailored to your specific risk profile and goals, the right choices are informed by a depth of experience, proprietary research and ongoing evaluation, designed to efficiently, and prudently, manage your portfolio of capital for generations to come.


Disciplined Approach

An optimal balance of internal and external boutique investment managers based on macroeconomic analysis and your unique objectives.


Competitive Fees

Scale, scope and buying power to negotiate fees with third parties.


Continuous Oversight

Rigorous due diligence and dedicated research across our platform based on investment policy and management committee standards.


Strong Performance

Proven track records for selected managers that is closely monitored on an ongoing basis.


Streamlined Reporting

Investment management from a trusted, centralized source.


Broad Diversification

Asset allocation strategies and opportunities that offer different approaches/styles to optimize long-term return potential and manage risk.